Meet the German Shepherd Dog

Meet the German Shepherd Dog

It’s no wonder why the German Shepherd dog is one of the most popular dogs in the U.S.. Not only are they loyal companions and sharp witted, but they are strong, brave working dogs as well. Whether you are looking for a best friend for your family or a protective watch dog – a GSD is always an excellent choice. 

Here are some interesting interesting facts, helpful tips, and wonderful benefits about this breed you should know if you are considering adding a GSD to your family!

History of the German Shepherd Dog Breed

The GSD, as you would imagine, comes from the country of Germany. In the 1800’s some of the most obedient and intelligent local shepherd dogs in the area were bred, with the result being the amazing German Shepherd dog we know and love today. The breed was originally utilized for sheep herding and did a wonderful job of protecting the flocks from dangerous predators looking to attack.

Today there are two types of GSDs – working lines and show lines. There are two types within the show line and three types within the working line.

Show Lines:

  • American Show Line GSDs– This show line is tall and long and comes in colors like solid black, saddle sable, black and tan saddle, and solid white. 
  • West Show Line GSDs– This show line is considered the most beautiful GSD breed. They move gracefully, are highly intelligent, and have a sloped body.  

Working Lines:    

  • West Working Line GSDs– This line of German Shepherd dog has a very stable temperament, stunning looks, and excellent working ability. They excel at search and rescue work.  
  • DDR / East Working Line GSDs– This line is known to be sturdy and graceful – with a long coat. They have strong bones, large heads, and wide shoulders. This line is used for military and search and rescue purposes. 
  • Czech Working Line GSDs– This line is very loyal, graceful, agile and has the most powerful desire among all 5 types. Used for patrolling borders and search and rescue.

At first, they were not thought to be pets, but with the obedient manner and protective GSD temperament – this quickly changed. In fact, by the end of World War I, “Rin Tin Tin,” the lovable German Shepherd dog from the popular movies, was receiving over 10k letters a week from his fans! Today, the GSD is listed among the ‘Top 10’ most popular dogs for pets in the U.S.   

Interesting Facts to Know

The German Shepherd dog is an interesting breed and there are so many unique, fun, and helpful things to know about this popular dog. Here are some facts to help you get to know the breed a bit better and perhaps answer any questions you may have as well.

GSD Build and Coat

The average height of a German Shepherd dog is 22-26 inches, and the weight is typically between 65-90 pounds for males and 50-70 pounds for females. These beautiful dogs are a double-coated breed, which means they have two layers of fur. The guard coat or top coat is usually made up of brown and black wiry fur, with the undercoat or bottom layer, being softer and lighter in color. 

While most of us are used to seeing German Shepherd dogs that are tan and black, they actually come in a large variety of colors, which is determined by their genes. From black and red and bi-color to sable and black and silver – the German Shepherd dog comes in many colors!

GSD Temperament

The combination of this dog’s intelligence, courage, loyalty, loving demeanor, and protective watch-dog stance makes them the perfect family pet or work companion. German Shepherd dogs are the perfect match for those who understand their needs.

German Shepherd Dog Intelligence

German Shepherd dogs today play a lot of different roles in our lives due to their intelligence. In fact, this confident breed is one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. They have the ability to think fast and problem-solve on a whole new level. The breed has keen senses, stellar observation, and can quickly and easily assess and adapt to new situations. 

Health and Care of Your German Shepherd Dog

One thing for sure is that no matter what color your GSD is – be advised they are frequent shedders! Fortunately, the coat is easy to maintain and typically just requires brushing several times a week to help get rid of loose hair. Using a de-shedding shampoo and conditioner can help with this.

GSDs are a large breed that has an active lifestyle, so they need to be fed a protein-based diet with high-quality meat like beef, poultry, and fish.

In addition, they do require daily physical exercise as well as mental stimulation and should be entertained at least 45 minutes each day. Proper exercise includes walking and running, training, games, swimming, and more. 

What to Expect: What to Know Before You Buy a GSD Puppy

Before you buy a German Shepherd puppy, it’s smart to know what to expect so you can properly prepare for your new adventure. Here are some things to consider:

Things to Know Before Buying a GSD 

  • Ensure you have plenty of room for exercise
  • They are strong dogs and must be properly trained
  • They require an investment of your time for training, exercise, etc.
  • They are big shedders
  • Care and maintenance for this type of dog can be costly 

Benefits You Will Get Having this Loyal Friend

While we could go on and on (and on) here are some of the best benefits of owning a German Shepherd dog.

  • Loyal Companion 
  • Great Protector
  • Fun Exercise Partner
  • Healthy Breed
  • Very Smart
  • It’s Easy to Train a German Shepherd
  • Long Lifespan
  • Loyal

…and the list truly goes on!

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