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Elite Canine Performance

Delta K9 Academy

We are a comprehensive dog training academy in Los Angeles, California that offers a wide range of dog training services and is staffed by most professional and knowledgeable dog trainers in the Los Angeles area. Since 2012, we have been dedicated to providing pet owners and law enforcement agencies alike with industry-leading dog training courses designed to accomplish a wide range of goals.

Whether you have a new puppy that you would like to teach good behavior and basic obedience, a working dog that you would like to train into a loyal and capable K9 officer, a long-time four-legged friend that you would like to teach advanced obedience and commands,

Our Specialty

The expert dog trainers at Delta K9 Academy are ready and able to help in any way possible, but our specialty is protection and guard dog training. This encapsulates a high standard of obedience training, of which we have the highest standard and most robust program. In addition to offering a number of pre-structured training courses that we have spent years carefully honing and developing, we at Delta K9 Academy also offer custom training courses that enable you to decide for yourself what it is that you would like your pup to learn. Over the years, we have helped countless dog owners teach their pets a wide range customized skillsets and commands. Whether you would like to teach your dog unique and specialized tricks to impress your friends or train them to perform a specific role not covered in one of our pre-structured training programs, we are happy to help develop a custom training course that is specifically suited for you and your four-legged pal.

At Delta K9 Academy, we are proud to be the premiere dog training academy in the Los Angeles area. If you are looking for a K9 academy that you can trust to take excellent care of your dog and teach them valuable new commands and skills then we at Delta K9 Academy look forward to being at your service!

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