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We specialize in obedience training, behavioral modification, and protection training for
high-performance canines. Book a FREE assessment today or call 213-457-7070 for immediate assistance!

Behavior Modification in Los Angeles

Train in a 1-to-1 setting where an elite canine trainer teaches you to handle your dog and reach your goals by forming a custom plan and regimen around your needs.

Behavior Modification packages start at $2,000

Board & Train

Leave your dog at our facility where an elite canine trainer will shape your dog's behavior, obedience, and/or protection to meet your needs. Comes with personal training sessions that train you how to handle your dog after the training is complete.

Board & Train packages start at $4,000

Training Titles

DK 0

To earn a DK 0, your dog will learn a specific set of obedience commands and do them in routine, on-leash, and with precision.

DK 1

To earn a DK 1, your dog must have passed DK 0 and is now able to alert on command to the threat/decoy.

DK 2

To earn DK 2, your dog must have passed the latter phases and is now able to bite on command and release on command.

DK 3
Master Protection

To reach DK 3, your dog must have passed the latter phases and is now able to do all commands (obedience & protection) while off-leash.

Behavioral Modification

We work with your dog to correct any behavioral issues, ranging from territoriality, fear, barking, lunging at cars, jumping, plus much more!

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