Dolce od Radni Psi

Dolce is a stunning female with strong, thick bones, high drives, and powerful bite…

Prada od Radni Psi

Prada is a beautiful female with a substantial head, beautiful conformations…

Blaze od Radni Psi

Blaze is a top producer of working line German Shepherd puppies…

Ruxy Delta K9

Roxy is a medium-sized, high-drive, social female, with strong working conformations…

Anja Von Der Ransch-Vincent

Anja is a producer of beautiful AKC registered German Shepherd puppies.

Hoog z Jirkova Dvora

Hoog is a Czech line German Shepherd import and line breeding on the famous Quanto Jipo-Me…

Atina Delta K9

Atina is a beautiful sable German Shepherd that produces protection dogs…

Delta Delta K9

Delta is a medium-sized, high-drive, social female, with strong working conformations. Her obedience is fast and protection is ferocious. Her pups are ideal for family/property protection, sport, or demanding modalities such as law enforcement.

Kassandra Delta K9

Kassandra is a nice and well-socialized female with great obedience and protection. She produces top quality pups that are ideal for family protection.

Delta Delta K9

Delta is a Belgian Malinois and a top producer etc etc.



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