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German Shepherd Training 101

German Shepherd Training
German Shepherd Training

As one of the most intelligent dog breeds to ever exist, there is very little limit to what German Shepherds can be taught. Over the years, German Shepherds have excelled in a wide range of roles that require a high degree of training, from serving as a K9 police officer to serving in the military to performing in dog shows.

At Delta K9 Academy, German Shepherd training is a service that we have come to be renowned for. From basic obedience training to security dog training, here are a few of the German Shepherd training courses that we offer.

Basic Obedience Training  

The starting point for any dog’s training, basic obedience training provides pups with a solid foundation of commands, obedience, and good behavior that can be built upon later in life. If you would like your German Shepherd to learn good behaviors as well as important basic commands such as “sit” and “come” then basic obedience training is the perfect place to start.

Advanced Obedience Training

Advanced obedience training builds upon basic obedience training by teaching German Shepherds more advanced skillsets and commands such as off-leash training, on-leash training, non-verbal commands, and more, resulting in a dog that is highly obedient and well-trained.

Guard Dog Training

Thanks to their loud, intimidating bark and high degree of intelligence, German Shepherds make for excellent guard dogs. If you would like to raise and train a dog that will be able to alert you in the event of an intrusion as well as ward off the would-be intruders then the German Shepherd is an excellent breed to consider. 

Security Dog Training

Security dog training builds on guard dog training and is typically meant for professional working dogs. German Shepherds that receive security dog training can be used to guard specific locations or persons as well as attack on command and respond to other important, security-related commands. 

K9 Tactical Training 

All over the world, German Shepherds remain the most popular breed for police and military organizations. Whether it’s training a German Shepherd to detect drugs, training them to detain a fleeing suspect, or training them to track an individual using their incredible sense of smell, K9 tactical training can be used to teach German Shepherds a wide range of tactical skills and commands. 

Custom German Shepherd Training   

Given how loyal and intelligent German Shepherds are, the sky is the limit when it comes to what they can be taught. If you have a specific set of tricks, skills, or commands that you would like your German Shepherd to learn that are not covered in a pre-set course then custom German Shepherd training will allow you to decide for yourself what you want your dog to be taught. 

Where to Find German Shepherd Training in Los Angeles 

If you are searching for German Shepherd training in Los Angeles, we at Delta K9 Academy are here to help. Whether you have a German Shepherd puppy that needs basic obedience training, a German Shepherd that you would like to train to become a K9 officer, or anything in-between, contact us today to learn more about our industry-leading German Shepherd training. 

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