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High Level of Protection

Delta K9 Obedient/High Level of protection dog will be trained to be confident, clear headed, highly intelligent, social, affectionate and of stable temperament. This dog will be hand selected from the chosen breed to qualify for protection training. It is a high caliber dog that is specifically chosen from dogs that genetically are known for being mentally stable, have a stronger bite and can tolerate heavy physical pressure. This dog will be trained to be very friendly with children.

This level will include the following dog training:

  • Is taught obedience commands, on and off leash
  • The dog will be trained for silent hand commands
  • The dog will do a house or small business search on command prior to your entry and will retain any intruder in place with aggressive bark or immobilize them if they attempt to flee. If the dog doesn’t find a person, it will return to your side.
  • The dog can protect a person, a child, or an object on command, such as brie case, a stroller, bike, a car, etc.
  • The dog will be trained to fetch any object on command
  • The dog will refuse food from stranger thereby avoiding poisoning and or luring your dog away
  • The dog will defend even while wearing a muzzle
  • The dog will disable multiple/intruders
  • The dog will be trained to stay and fight the attacker/intruder, even if force is used such as bat, gun, stick, etc., and or if any object is thrown at the dog
  • Threats come from all people, loud or sift and appear harmless or whisper to you to give up your money or they say they have a gun, the dog will be trained to attack low voice commands
  • Is taught to show aggression on command while remaining on your left side
  • Is taught to attack, bite and release on command and return to your left side with minimal to no leash
  • The dog is taught to defend and protect you on command or on its own if you are disabled (i.e. unconscious, unable to speak, etc.)
  • If the threat escalates the dog is
  • If the threat escalates the dog is prepared to win because he/she has been taught to defend his family and stop the threat swiftly
  • Is crate trained
  • Is gun tested from a distance
  • Is trained to jump in/out of vehicles, pick-up trucks and SUV’s and specifically trained to jump in/out of the windows or home.
  • Is trained to be on slippery floors, stairs, around loud noises
  • Handler training is included at our facility/ may be done at your residence for extra charge
  • Free lifetime support

(You can upgrade the dog’s training to the next level now or progressively as you wish or as budget allows upon our evaluation and your dogs qualification. We offer free boarding to our customers who send their dogs to us for further training while away on extended business trips or vacations.)

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