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Rowdy Delta K9


Introducing Rowdy, a female sable Working Line German Shepherd puppy with a vivacious spirit and a heart full of courage. Her striking sable coat and alert, intelligent eyes mark her as a standout in any crowd, destined for greatness in protection and companionship. Rowdy brings an infectious energy to training, showcasing her natural agility, quick learning capability, and an innate protective instinct. She is the perfect blend of a steadfast guardian and a joyful companion, eager to engage and bond with her new family. Rowdy’s name reflects her spirited nature, but it’s her loyalty and bravery that will make her an invaluable part of your home. Embrace Rowdy for a life filled with adventure, security, and unwavering companionship.

Out of stock

Born in > January 15, 2024

Gender > Female

Color > Sable

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