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Stop! Is That a Reputable Breeder or a Puppy Mill?

Reputable Breeder vs Puppy Mill

Did you just find an unbelievable deal on that purebred shepherd you’ve been wanting? Think you’re getting a happy, healthy pup with a solid lineage? This is highly unlikely. It could just be you’ve stumbled across a puppy mill. 

What does this mean for you and your future pup? It could mean your shepherd is already traumatized from cramped living conditions and poor diet. It could mean he was weaned from his mother before he was ready. It could also mean he’s had little or no vet visits and is now more susceptible to disease. Your new baby could have behavioral problems, could be overly aggressive, or may be depressed. 

If you knowingly buy a puppy from a disreputable breeder, you’re helping to keep them in business. You may also be buying into big vet bills and costly future medical care for a traumatized pooch. 

What Is a Puppy Mill? 

Puppy mills are big business. The dogs involved are often bred to exhaustion. They may live in rows of cages without proper care and feeding. Puppy mill dogs haven’t been socialized or immunized or played with. No one has ever hugged them, and they’re completely unaware what good boys and girls they are because no one has ever told them. Usually, they’re fed just enough to keep them alive, and the food has not been vet-formulated. To the people who run puppy mills, dogs are property, and their only purpose is to bring in money. 

It’s completely understandable that these dogs have mental and emotional issues. Many die within days because their malnourished mothers can’t produce enough nutrient-dense milk. Buying a puppy from people who treat dogs this way only enables them to bring more helpless dogs into the fold. 

What Is a Reputable Breeder? 

A reputable breeder is someone who genuinely cares about the puppies in their care. They won’t let you have them until they’re at least 8 weeks old and have received their first vaccines. They will only have a limited number of pups available and may have a waiting list of anxious pet parents ahead of you. 

Reputable breeders who have been in business for a while should have a solid media presence, and researching them should be no trouble. They’ll want to vet you as much as you want to vet them, to ensure you’re a suitable parent for their pup. 

How to Stop Puppy Mills

The best way to stop a puppy mill is to refuse to support it. If you stumble on one in your quest to find your new best boy, report it to your local Humane Society or to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. By reporting these individuals when you find them, you can help save the thousands upon thousands of abused and neglected puppies in their care. 

And when it’s time to buy your next purebred puppy, deal with professional, local breeders, such as Delta K9 Academy in Los Angeles. Our German Shepherd and Doberman pups are responsibly bred and exceptionally well cared for. Visit our website to learn more about our puppies today!

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