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Why the German Shepherd Dog Excels as a K9 Police Dog

Police German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherds are the perfect breed for a K9 police dog. The character of GSDs is the single defining quality that allows them to excel. This breed has the utmost loyalty, courage, and confidence that cannot be found in other dog breeds. They are more than willing to put their life on the line in order to defend those around them. Any police dog trainer will agree that GSDs are most suited for the job. 

Why are German Shepherds so protective?

German Shepherds were not originally bred to be K9 police dogs. Instead, they were bred for sheep herding. It is in this breed’s nature to be incredibly protective. Despite the fact these dogs are now used more for police work and less for herding, their protective nature is still in their DNA. 

Why German Shepherds are used as K9 police dogs?

GSDs are famous for being incredibly intelligent, agile, quick, and stealthy. They have high endurance levels and laser-like focus, which allows them to fulfill long shifts alongside their K9 officer. With their height and stature, these dogs are well suited to follow after suspects. Jumping, crawling, and running are some of their best skills, which are crucial for police work.

In addition to their physical abilities, German Shepherds are mentally strong as well. Police dogs are trained to follow dozens of commands. With the right K9 police dog training methods, GSDs are ready to serve police departments within two years of their birth. They can sense danger and react accordingly. Their protective nature and loyalty allows them to complete acts of courage that are vital for success during a K9 officer’s shift. GSDs can be trained to be general officers or use their sensitive noses to track the scent of drugs, bombs, and individuals. 

History of German Shepherds in Police Work

Max von Stephanitz worked with other breeders in Germany to create the best livestock management dog breed in the world. As modern options became available, von Stephanitz turned to Germany police and promoted his GSDs as the best option for police dogs. Since the early 1900s, GSDs have been used around the world as police dogs. 

GSDs have performed many acts of courage over the years. One police dog named Max found a missing mother and child on his very first day on the job. The pair had been missing for 48 hours. Max immediately went to work and quickly found the mother and child. 

Another K9 police dog helped capture a suspect connected to a string of thefts.The suspect had been stealing driver’s licenses and other personal belongings. After being found in a vehicle, the suspect would not consent to a search.The police dog was called to sniff the car. After smelling drugs, the police had what they needed to search the vehicle. Thanks to the GSD, police found the missing belongings, a Glock handgun, and 7.3 grams of methamphetamine.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better breed other than a German Shepherd to be a K9 police dog. Delta K9 Academy offers the area’s best K9 training classes in Los Angeles. You deserve the most highly trained GSD police dog. We will deliver the training they need to serve your squadron with pride and honor!

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